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At Advantech Digital, we provide top-tier SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions to optimize your industrial operations. Our SCADA services enable real-time monitoring, control, and data analysis, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reliability, and safety. With our advanced technology and tailored approach, we deliver solutions that meet your business’s specific needs.

Our SCADA experts design and implement reliable supervisory control solutions to give you real-time visibility!

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems provide a secure means of monitoring, analyzing and controlling plant processes. The SCADA system employed on your site is often the most visible and high profile element of what may be a complex control system.  Comprising multiple distributed controllers, drives, instruments and other networked components. The investment you make in a state-of-the-art SCADA system, must enhance the plant and process that it serves. It must be robust, reliable and fit for the future.

At Advantech Digital, Our SCADA experts design and implement reliable supervisory control solutions to give you real-time visibility and control of your dispersed assets and processes. We handle end-to-end implementation from initial requirements gathering through to installation, integration, testing, and ongoing support.

With advanced data acquisition capabilities and intuitive operator interfaces, our SCADA systems provide actionable insights to optimize decision making. Our solutions seamlessly consolidate and analyze sensors, equipment, and process data from across your sites to identify issues before they cause downtime. Customizable HMIs give your team centralized monitoring and command capabilities tailored to your workloads.

Powerful software, clear data and enhanced operations!

When modern SCADA systems offer powerful software packages, and an array of technology options. We, Advantech Digital recognize that this ‘window’ to operational assets must be intuitive for the user, providing them with all relevant data in a clear and concise format. It must have a highly professional appearance, and deliver enhanced capability to monitor, control and manage your assets.

A SCADA system designed by our exacting engineers, will deliver enhanced data connectivity, data analysis tools, external alarming methods, and other user configurable features.

Expert engineers, delivering to your needs!

Our engineers are experts in the design and implementation of SCADA systems. They are fully focused on delivering systems that enhance your unique operations.  They go to great lengths to fully understand your process and operational requirements, enabling them to design solutions that will deliver the information that you need, as you need it.

Smarter data, enhancing your efficiency!

SCADA systems are an excellent fit for real-time data handling, visualization and historical analysis. They give you the power to carry out more in-depth data analysis of your process, such as emissions compliance, down-time monitoring and overall equipment effectiveness. Our systems can give you a better understanding of where to seek greater efficiency, and identify best practices within your operations.

Master your data, with tailored technology!

Our data historians offer seamless integration with SCADA and networked control systems, providing high speed and high volume data storage, coupled with powerful reporting and analysis tools.

We have the software engineering capability to select and implement your historian solution.  Our engineers focus on understanding your operational requirements, and tailor a professional solution to fit based on your business needs, not simply based on what the product can do.

Key Highlights

  • Design Virtual SCADA environments: We design next-generation platform-agnostic interactive SCADA and HMI solutions that are intuitive to use for all applications.
  • Increased Visibility: Thorough facility visibility down from instrument-level to overall operations in real time.
  • Design Complex Architecture: We design complex architecture solutions using multiple types of telecom technologies; Satellite, Wimax, Fiber, etc.
  • Customized Solutions: We can seamlessly integrate with any data acquisition, control systems and telemetry devices.
  • Vendor-Neutral Approach: We can integrate with all kinds of instruments and devices ranging from PIDs and PLCs, to DCS and CCR infrastructure.


We utilize a range of different technological solutions and safety measures depending on your well sites and production parameters. Our plant SCADA expertise has evolved over the decades to accommodate modular systems allowing us to meet any kind of Plant automation requirement.

Advantech Digital’s solutions range in complexity from distributed control of multi-platform offshore energy production facilities to standalone unit and process control systems. We have developed a comprehensive product range to cater for varying levels of complexity.

Over time, plant operations see the addition of new hardware and sensors, optimization applications, and general upgrades. These additions aren’t always from the same vendor, which can make integration and visibility significant challenges. Integrators like Advantech Digital excel at managing multiple systems to provide a coherent and user-friendly SCADA solution without incurring excessive costs

Our plant SCADA solutions are reliable, have easy to use operator interfaces, and integrate with historians to capture a record of plant activities.

  • We provide rugged Remote Terminal Units & Controllers for all environments.
  • Our custom-built HMIs are intuitive to use for each application.
  • We can integrate with historians and Alarm and Event (A&E) repositories.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into any PLC, DCS, or CCR infrastructure.
  • We have customizable visualization applications with business-network reporting and analytics applications.
  • Our expertise in control systems helps us build a synergistic and comprehensive SCADA solution.

Wellhead SCADA

Our safety systems minimize risk by providing accurate and reliable information required to take preventative action, giving sufficient time to shut off systems or evacuate areas prior to an emergency.

Oil and Gas exploration fields are spread out over large geographical areas, creating delays in access to information. Individual wells are isolated from each other and there is no way to visualize the entire architecture on the enterprise layer. Wellhead SCADA systems form part of the new industrial revolution by creating a digital oilfield that solves these problems for field operators.

Advantech Digital’s wellhead SCADA solutions include panels and JBs, customized software, and historian capabilities to give you a comprehensive oil/gas field monitoring solution.

  • We provide rugged Remote Terminal Units & Controllers for harsh conditions.
  • Our custom-built HMIs are intuitive to use for each type of wellhead installation.
  • We can integrate with historians and Alarm and Event (A&E) repositories.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into any DCS or CCR infrastructure either directly or remotely over telecom/GPRS.
  • We have customizable visualization applications with video-wall monitoring and reporting setups.
  • As an early adopter of Industry 4.0, Advantech Digital, our end-to-end implementation of a digital oilfield enables real-time visibility and decision support.

Telecom, CCTV & Security Systems

We utilize a range of systems to control outputs that are essential to the safe and reliable operation of our client’s assets.

Advantech Digital incorporates RF/GSM telecommunication and telemetry systems along with CCTV, anti-intrusion/perimeter protection, surveillance, PAGA, and access control systems; furnishing robust and reliable solutions that function efficiently in the remotest and harshest locations. Our expertise brings critical assets closer to the enterprise, enabling timely decision making through round the clock visibility.

Advantech Digital‘s system integration experience enables us to be the single point of contact for the entire scope of control and automation projects. Our integrated approach eliminates the need for complex project management by our clients and reduces coordination time between different contractors.

  • Our supplied systems are not only reflective of our engineers’ technical prowess but are also backed by a successful track record of proud and consistent performance in some of the harshest and remotest locations in the world.
  • With our immense oil & gas domain knowledge, we understand the critical nature of a security system in the oil & gas industry thus offering the best options for asset monitoring & security.
  • We provide systems that seamlessly integrate with disparate control systems and provide visibility at the highest corporate levels.
  • Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that we stay current with technology trends and competent to provide you with the best solution that strikes the perfect fit with your needs.
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