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Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) Services

Our solutions ensure seamless integration of control and safety mechanisms, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the highest levels of safety for your industrial processes. With our expertise and advanced technologies, we deliver tailored ICSS solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

We offer complete services to optimize your facility’s automation & control systems!

An Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) is a technology platform that combines elements of the Basic Process Control System (BPCS) and Functional Safety into a single architecture. Our ICS experts offer complete services to optimize your facility’s automation and control systems. We provide experienced engineering services and leading technology to integrate your instrumentation, electrical equipment, control platforms, and software applications. This enables seamless facility-wide control, monitoring, and data collection.

What are integrated control And Safety System (ICSS)?

An Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) is a technology platform that combines elements of Basic Process Control System (BPCS) and Functional Safety System into a single architecture. Our systems may include elements from multiple or single vendors and can incorporate existing systems or implement completely new architecture. Integrated control & safety systems (ICSS) combine the functionality of both control and safety systems, which Advantech Digital can also design separately.

Exacting engineers, detail-driven developers & precise projects!

At Advantech Digital, Customers can rely on our specialists from front-end design through implementation and ongoing support, for comprehensive solutions. We handle programming PLCs and HMIs, configuring SCADA systems, developing DCS architectures, integrating Safety Instrumented System (SIS), managed networks & communication protocols. Our goal is to build a flexible ICSS ecosystem tailored to your specific operations that maximize productivity and visibility.

With a focus on the unique needs of each project, our people pay attention to the vital details, as well as understanding and enhancing the bigger picture. The teams we build around integrated safety and control system projects, are leaders in what they do. Our highly qualified engineers have extensive experience of almost every automated safety and control system used across critical national infrastructure.

They are trusted to advise and guide the realities and ambitions of major projects, and are motivated to over-deliver on expectations. Combining experience and invention, they work industriously to build integrated systems that will transform how operators manage their assets for the long-term – on time, and on budget.

We can deliver integrated systems that respond to your needs. Our experienced engineers can deliver integrated systems that include elements from multiple or single vendors. Your integration can incorporate existing systems, or implement completely new architecture to combine the functionality of both control and safety systems. We help to establish trusted automation and data-driven operations – that deliver long-lasting benefits, and help to enhance the future of the world’s leading operators in industry.


Integrated Control Systems (ICS)

We utilize a range of systems to control outputs that are essential to the safe and reliable operation of our client’s assets.

Advantech Digital’s solutions range in complexity from distributed control of multi-platform offshore energy production facilities to standalone unit and process control systems. Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that you always get the best system for your application, without any bias. Through our expertise in system integration, we can ensure that your systems communicate and work coherently regardless of how many different vendors they come from.

Our control systems keep plants online, safe, and efficient. We develop and  implement solutions for multiple industries and applications with seamless integration of safety systems to ensure stable plant operations:

  • End-to-end turnkey systems covering engineering, design, procurement support, manufacturing support, and installation support.
  • We conduct extensive factory and site testing for our systems and our engineers follow strict procedures to ensure seamless commissioning.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Our safety systems minimize risk by providing accurate and reliable information required to take preventative action, giving sufficient time to shut off systems or evacuate areas prior to an emergency.

Serious industrial incidents can lead to equipment damage, injures, and even fatalities. Safety Systems (SIS) are high-performance systems that provide emergency shutdown (ESD) and breaks in the face of abnormal process parameters. Advantech Digital’s experienced engineers deliver ESD and SIS solutions that provide high reliability and seamlessly integrate with your facility’s Process Control System to form an Integrated Control & Safety System

We are compliant to Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) 1, 2, and 3, and develop Safety Systems ranging from multi-layer ESD systems for critical Oil and Gas applications to simple device-level safety controllers. This includes;

  • Emergency shutdown systems (ESD); Major Vendors (HoneywellEmersonYokogawa etc.)
  • Fire & Gas (F&G) Detection & Control Systems
  • Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection System (VESDA)
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • 61508 Design Compliance
  • Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that we stay current with technology trends and competent to provide you with the best solution that strikes the perfect fit with your needs.
  • We follow strict testing procedures to ensure seamless commissioning with minimum interruption to operations.
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