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Field Services (Instrumentation, Installation & Support)

At Advantech Digital, we offer comprehensive field services, including instrumentation, installation, and support. Our expert team ensures precise instrumentation, seamless installation, and ongoing support to maximize your systems’ efficiency and reliability. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific operational needs and ensure optimal performance.

we offer top-tier Field Services (Instrumentation, Installation & Support) to enhance your automation systems and maximize productivity!

At Advantech Digital Solutions, Whether you need help with a greenfield or brownfield project, maintenance or outage assistance, on a large or small scale, we’re here to help. We provide continuous improvement consulting across all major industries and platforms, providing consultancy & support resources. In addition, our experienced engineers, technicians and electricians ensure that services delivered are of highest quality. Our proven planning process, along with our commissioning tool, takes advantage of the efficiencies we’ve gained through years of experience to help you start up smarter — and sooner.

we offer top-tier Field Instrumentation, Installation & Support Services to enhance your automation systems and maximize productivity. Our expert Engineers & technicians ensure the seamless integration of cutting-edge instrumentation solutions, optimizing your processes for peak efficiency. With a focus on precision and reliability, we provide comprehensive support, calibration, and maintenance services. Trust us to elevate your automation infrastructure with accurate, dependable field instrumentation.

At Advantech Digital, we combine best-practice expertise with broad service flexibility to meet your needs. Because we’re vendor neutral & platform-independent, we can work on a wide range of technologies in your facility. We can calibrate instruments according to your specific standards and preferences. And we’ll work around your hours and project requirements, right skills for the job and the right fit for your company culture. Contact Us today!

Technician Services

Manufacturers spend a lot of time on instrumentation and calibration issues, but you don’t have to shoulder the burden on your own. Advantech Digital’s provides a range of technician services — including instrument calibration services and process control equipment calibration consulting — as part of our Field Services offering.

Advantech Digital’s, we combine best-practice expertise with broad service flexibility to meet your needs. Because we’re platform-independent, we can work on a wide range of technologies in your facility. We can calibrate instruments according to your specific standards and preferences.

Our Technician Services typically includes:

  • Verify that appropriate calibration standards are available and NIST certifications are on file;
  • Compare installed equipment to piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and / or ISA data sheets in order to verify application accuracy;
  • Inspect and verify correct installation for individual instruments;
  • Calibrate instrumentation using industry / plant / mill standards and your recommended procedures;
  • Provide electronic and hard copies of documentation regarding service; equipment OEM, model and serial number; calibration standard used; and as-found values (AFV) and as-left values (ALV);

Shutdown, Turnaround Support

When your facility undergoes a planned or unplanned outage, scheduled downturn or turnaround, you may have to complete a large range of maintenance tasks in a limited time period. Plants and mills across a wide range of industries look to Advantech Digital to provide additional support, maintenance expertise. As a part of our Field Services offering, we provide outage planning and services, as well as manufacturing outage management. Depend on us for the services, expertise and resources you need before, during and after an outage, helping you get back up and running on schedule.

Advantech Digital’s, We understand the importance of process and what it takes to manage a smooth scheduled outage in your industry. From integrating capital and maintenance activities to proper resource alignment and differentiating goals and expectations. As a platform-independent systems integrator, we can perform maintenance tasks on a wide range of technologies. We’ll provide ongoing remote support to cater all of your needs as well.

Our Services typically includes:

  • Define the requirements for working through the maintenance process — down to the component level;
  • Ensure that drawings, spare parts, calibration standards and skilled technicians are available in advance;
  • Identify conflicting tasks and predecessor issues;
  • Coordinate with other disciplines;
  • Document the process through final acceptance;
  • Keep work on schedule; 

Installation Services

When you need equipment installed quickly without production interruptions, depend on Advantech Digital. We provide control equipment installation services and automation equipment installation support as part of our Field Services offering. Whether your project entails instrumentation and controls upgrades, retrofits or new construction, depend on Advantech Digital as your process control equipment installation solution.

Advantech Digital’s offers flexibility to meet your needs. Our platform independence means we can integrate a wide range of technologies in your facility. We’re also uniquely able to recognize and integrate your capital and maintenance activities. we respond promptly — and can provide ongoing remote support after completion.

Our Installation Services typically includes:

  • Provide a thorough understanding of scope, schedule and budget;
  • Perform discovery, followed by an itemized task schedule;
  • Define roles and responsibilities;
  • Perform risk assessment;
  • Identify and involve stakeholders through document control and developing a communication plan and problem resolution path;
  • Purchase long-lead items;
  • Mobilize and begin construction;
  • Track for earned value and schedule adherence;
  • Manage change;
  • Provide quality assurance and quality control with punch list resolution;
  • Perform startup and commissioning utilizing our planning process and commissioning tool;
  • Ensure seamless custody transfer.

Construction & Commissioning Management

During your next construction project, depend on Advantech Digital as your commissioning consultant. Whether you need additional resources, a representative to voice your interests or I&E expertise at the construction management level, we deliver. We provide a broad range of construction commissioning consulting services as part of our Field Services offering.

At Advantech Digital, we tailor our construction management services to meet the requirements of your specific project, organization and operations. We take a platform-independent approach to every construction project, allowing us to work on any new or existing technology in your facility. If you want help selecting tools for your operations, we’ll make recommendations — but we won’t push technology for the sake of technology. And if you need resources to step in and help, we’ll send them directly to your facility from one of our multiple locations across the country. From accurate cost estimates to quality assurance, depend on Advantech Digital to deliver.

Our Construction & Commissioning Management Services typically includes:

  • Represent your interests while working with contractors during the planning, scheduling, monitoring and execution phases;
  • Track progress and efficiencies throughout construction utilizing our process planning and commissioning tool;
  • Oversee quality assurance and quality control to ensure compliance with proper codes;
  • Schedule electrical inspections;
  • Set up a project plan for your resources;
  • Interview and hire resources for you;
  • Manage milestones, earned value tracking and final acceptance;
  • Keep projects on schedule and within scope and budget;
  • Assist with cost estimating;
  • Minimize change orders;
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